Are you ready to experience the benefits of warm water?

Vancouver water birth



Reduced pain

Improved circulation

Increased mobility


Many people are choosing to use birth pools during their birthing time, even just for labour, because of the numerous benefits that the warm water provides. When you first enter the water, you’ll experience an immediate sense of relief as your body becomes buoyant and pressure on the joints and abdomen are reduced. The warmth of the water also enhances relaxation and promotes better circulation, making for more efficient contractions and reduced pain. The buoyancy that the water provides also allows for increased mobility, making it easier to change positions which will also aid in the progression of both the labour and delivery.

What’s Included?

Includes everything needed to setup, use and take down the pool. And, it all comes conveniently organized in a wheeled suitcase for easy transportation.

  • Your choice of birth pool
  • Step-by-step setup/take down instructions
  • A new disposable liner (phthalate free)
  • A new lead-free, non-toxic 25′ drinking water hose
  • An universal faucet adaptor
  • Electric air pump for inflatable pools
  • Submersible pump for emptying the pool
  • A thermometer
  • A debris net to clean out debris as needed
  • Shoulder length waterproof gloves
  • A 8′ x 12′ plastic sheeting to protect the floor from splashes
  • A heat retaining lid or cover
  • An outer cover for the pool (Aquaborn only)


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Peace of Mind Promise!

  • Every pool is thoroughly checked over and cleaned with a medical grade disinfectant between uses

  • Each rental includes everything you need to setup, use and take down the pool

  • The light coloured, non-slip floor in all units ensures safety and visibility

  • The pools, lid and liners are free of phthalates – better for the environment, you and your baby


Comparing the Inflatable Pools:

La Bassine Maxi Birth Pool Aquaborn Eco Birth Pool La Bassine Made in Water Pool
La Bassine Maxi Aquaborn Vancouver La Bassine birth pool
External Dimensions 191 x 164 cm (75 x 65”) 180 x 150cm (71 x 59”) 165 x 135 cm (65 x 53”)
Internal Depth 63 cm (25”) 68 cm (27”) 56 cm (22”)
Floor Colour white white white
Floor Thickness 7.5 cm (3”) 8.5cm (3.5”) 7.5 cm (3”)
Pool Wall Thickness 25 cm (10”) 25 cm (10”) 20 cm (8”)
Water Capacity 625 litres @ 80% full 644 litres @ 80% full 450 litres @ 80% full
Handles 4 Internal, 2 External 2 Internal, 4 External 2 Internal
Number of Persons 2 Adults 2 Adults 1 Adult – 2 Small adults
Washable Outer Cover Not Included Included Not Included
Lid / Pool Cover Included Included Included
Pool Colour Purplish Blue Bright Green Deep Blue
Extra Tidbits The biggest inflatable pool available. This colour is ideal for photography. This is the deepest pool available. It has a long history of performing well. A smaller pool that is perfect for smaller spaces or budgets. Suits one person best.
Price $195 $185 $175
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Introducing….. the newest addition to our fleet…..

The AquaDoula Professional Birth Pool!

The AquaDoula is in a class all of its own. It’s the only pool that comes with a built-in heating system, making it the ideal pool for first births, longer labours, and those wanting the ultimate luxury birthing experience.

Introductory sale price of $200! Regular $225
Vancouver aquadoula

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External Dimensions 138 x 138 cm (54 x 54”) Water Capacity 567 litres @ 80% full
Internal Depth 62 cm (24”) Handles None
Pool & Floor Colour Blue Number of Persons Two
Floor Thickness 3 cm (1.1″) Washable Outer Cover Not included
Pool Wall Thickness 4 cm (1.6″) Lid / Pool Cover Included

Other Details:

The rental period begins in the 37th week of your pregnancy and continues until 2-3 days after your baby is born.

Pickup and delivery is available for an additional $50 within Vancouver, North and West Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, New Westminster & Richmond.  Additional fees will apply for other areas.


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